5 star review  Best for regular maintenance and oil change (thorough maintenance checklist for the cost). Always check for what they offer, can opt out from spooring and balancing (better do that at tire shop). Got one and only bad experience with spooring, offered when reaching 20,000KM got a bit inclined to drive right after spooring, and when I got back 8 days later it already one day passed after the warranty period. So I paid twice for my perfectly good car. Free car wash offered also takes too long and comes out with micro scratches I guessed from the wipe. Sometimes they give glass antifungal wipe sometimes thwy don't.

    thumb yogi Halim

    5 star review  Good service center .. all in one ..

    thumb En Admin

    5 star review  Clean n nice environment for us to wait for our car being service. Friendly n informative staffs. A good service centre..

    thumb Irene Iskandar

    5 star review  Deliver on time service with quality. Doesn't push you to buy things you don't need. Informative Service assistant, have 0% 3 months payment for service, comfort waiting room with decent snacks and drinks. Coffee, tea and water is free here. Clean toilet and have a separate smoking room

    thumb Dion Andrew Samsoeri

    5 star review  Very huge dealer & they provide cozy waiting lounge for customer. ??

    thumb Henry Tri Putra

    5 star review  Great service and professional, a place to go for Honda car service and parts

    thumb Hans Hon

    5 star review  just sit n drink your free coffee..let them fix your car??

    thumb Septian

    4 star review  excellent service but slow response booked by phone or wa

    thumb hasbi abi

    5 star review  good service..love mobil Honda HRV

    thumb Lili Sukardi